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International Brewing and Marketing Company Hires VP Marketing
Vice-President, Marketing

Our client; one of the largest brewing and marketing companies in Canada and recognized as one the most sought-after companies by Canadian workers and job seekers engaged us to assist in the selection of a national Vice-President of Marketing. The search yielded top- tier marketing executives from both Canada and the United States targeting candidates with proficiency in leadership skills in the areas of sales and marketing to fit the clients’ objectives for specific criteria and unique talent.


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Marketing & Consumer Insights

Vice-President, Marketing


Our client is a leading global brewer delivering extraordinary brands that delight the world's beer drinkers. It brews, markets, and sells a portfolio of leading premium brands.   Our assignment was to locate industry knowledge-rich individuals who would create demand and recognition for the company while driving a superior customer experience and value.  This candidate must embrace the reflection of the company’s  passion and commitment to building extraordinary beer brands and offering outstanding experiences to consumers across Canada”.

We met with the leadership and hiring team and developed a project plan.  Our broad network and knowledge in both the sector and the function enabled us to attract a robust list of candidates.   To complement our clients’ values, we sought candidates with strong coaching and mentoring talent to raise the team’s ability to deliver and exceed expectations while creating opportunities for succession talent.  Our short-list would be comprised of talent with marketing research and analysis expertise of economic trends and preferences for company products and those of client competitors.

We commenced a thorough North American search, and presented a compelling short-list of candidates with leading industry and competency experience.   The new Vice-President of Marketing possesses a strong ability to articulate a vision and strategy in a way that inspires and motivates the team to focus their energy on achieving business goals.  

Our success launched a Vice-President of Marketing; accomplished in delivering outstanding results while motivating staff to exceed expectation. 

"Stefan is not only an Executive Consultant with a track record of few hundred completed C-level searches, but the CEO of one of Canadian's best Executive Search and HR Consultancy firm. He is a strategic advisor to numerous senior level executives (Supervisory Boards and Board of Directors) as well as a coach and mentor to many professionals. His entrepreneurship experiences, abilities and achievements are both well recognized and appreciated by world's known YPO. He is a person one can trust, rely on, expect that he would deliver, enjoy his companion and sense a of humor, admire his wisdom and values, and respect him for what he stands for both as his family is concerned and the business he runs. What is quite unique about him is that being extremely blessed to be successful, he constantly remembers about those less fortunate and in need. He is an initiator of many undertakings to raise money, support and help others financially. One of the few ones that I would dream to work with if I had a chance to. Without any hesitation I would encourage any of my Clients to work with Stefan in Canada."
Daniel Lewczuk
CEO at Executive Network/IMD International Search
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